DESPERATE For Cash? My Favorite Internet Marketing Strategy! (BEST For Work at Home Moms & Dads)

Are you looking to make easy money online? I’m going to give you the absolute EASIEST way to do it in 4 simple steps, okay? This works like magic…and is pretty much the blueprint, and the foundation of just about EVERY online “guru” there is……simply because it works so well. While different people approach each element of this process a wee bit differently, at it’s core….it’s an evergreen approach to making GREAT money in just about any economy at all, almost with no effect whatsoever. Ready to make it your own? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Define Your Traffic Source: There are LOTS to choose from…but the key is to focus on ONE. (I like article marketing like what you are reading right now….. because they generate the best converting visitors for MY particular sites, services and offers)

The Irresistible Offer
: Or said differently….the “ethical bribe” to begin the relationship. This ONLY happens when they opt in to your marketing funnel…and they do this, as we all know all too well, by signing up for your list. Have something to offer to induce, compel, coerce or cajole them to do so….and you are well on your way to building your very first online business. (note: Don’t’ overcomplicate this – it’s as easy as sticking a form on a web page and uploading it to your server. List building is CRITICAL….can be done for free if need be, and is so simple even a tech dummy like me figured it out in 10 minutes or less)

Ask Them What They WANT: This is it, folks….right here. The biggest mistake 99% of us make when marketing to our lists…and the #1 thing the BIG boys and girls do so well to make a killing. NEVER create your product before you build your list!
Instead…..have your list write your product for you. How? Ask them what their biggest problem is. And their greatest challenge. And then fix it in step #4, which is…..

Create the VERY product they asked for. How? From the answers they gave you when you asked for their challenges. You WILL make sales, guaranteed….as you aren’t “selling” anymore per se…you are solving problems that they already told you they had. And don’t let the technology stand in your way….surveys are super easy to generate, often for free, and you need NO technical expertise to use ANY of the techniques above.

The verdict?

Mas o menos, this is the exact foundation of just about EVERY direct response marketing campaign you’ll see. Building relationships with people who seek YOU out as the #1 authority for solving their problems in an area you have expertise is FUN, rewarding, very exciting and a great way to build up a BIG bank account to boot!

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Secure Your New Home With Freddie Mac Foreclosures

Primarily, Freddie Mac’s business has been to purchase banks’ home loans, package these into securities and sell these to the global capital markets. The latter then uses the proceeds from the securities to guarantee payments of home loans, allowing banks to have capital for mortgages. This allows home loans backed by Freddie Mac to become more affordable to the public. However, Freddie’s foreclosures are also offered to the market from time to time when borrowers are not able to satisfy their financial agreements with banks.

Freddie’s foreclosure, as with any distressed property sale, guarantees buyers a discount of more than half of the actual value of listed homes. These public biddings are also accessible through the Internet with the help of listings providers. These are foreclosure brokers who publish the details of an upcoming auction and the homes that Freddie Mac or banks would be offering. For people tight on the budget, this is quite helpful in securing an affordable home minus the hassle of worrying about their limited resources.

Ultimately, foreclosure auctions allow them to cut their risks financially, especially with the uncertainties in the global capital market. It would be recalled that during the financial crisis months back, thousands of families have had to foreclose their homes because of their inability to secure their mortgage loans.

Buy Your New Home, Secure Your Future

Fortunately for homebuyers today, Freddie foreclosures not only come at affordable prices, the latter also helps new homeowners secure their properties. Among their services are helping people prevent foreclosures by providing repayment schemes, loan modifications, among others, by identifying each borrower’s financial condition. In the past years alone, the company has helped thousands of families keep their homes through these programs. Aside from this, Freddie Mac has also allowed owners of distressed properties to rent back their homes. With all these benefits, people who are not only after a bargain home, but also the ability to secure their ownership in the long run, should consider investing in Freddie Mac foreclosures.

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Why Pricing and Marketing Your Home Correctly Is So Important

Two factors are at play in this situation. On one hand, you should beware of agents who set the list price on homes at unrealistically high levels simply to get listings. This is unfair because it sets homeowners up for disappointment and failure.

On the other hand, some homes that are priced correctly may not have been marketed effectively. Without a good marketing plan to ensures that a home will be exposed to as many qualified buyers as possible, many home sellers feel forced to accept a lower offer.

There’s nothing worse for sellers than having their home sit unsold for many months because it was not priced appropriately or because the agent did not adequately market the home. Needless to say, these situations are highly frustrating to any home seller. But in addition to the frustration, they can be financially crushing if you’re counting on the full proceeds of your home sale for other financial obligation.

To prevent this scenario when selling your home, here are some points to consider before choosing the agent you want to represent you.

Selecting an Agent

A good agent knows the market and has information on past sales, current listings, a good marketing plan, and will provide you with their background information and references. Carefully evaluate each candidate on their experience and qualifications.

  1. Are agents pricing your home correctly? – Home prices are determined by the market, not by your emotional attachment to your home or by what you feel it’s worth. Work closely with an agent who will establish a realistic price for your home. They will help you objectively compare the price, features, and condition of similar homes in both your neighbourhood and others in which similar homes have sold in recent months. Terms are often as important as price in today’s market, so it’s also important to be familiar with the terms of each potential sale.
  2. Do the agents set themselves apart from the others by offering innovative marketing plans to sell your home fast and for top dollar? – Ask prospective agents if they will set up an aggressive marketing program to ensure that your home is exposed to as many qualified buyers as possible? How much money does each agent spend to advertise the homes they list versus other agents. In what media do they advertise (newspaper, magazine, TV, etc.)? Do they use a 24 hour hotline, “For Sale” signs, lock boxes, a Tour of Homes program, and Talking House signs and transmitters? What does each agent know about the effectiveness of one medium over the others?
  3. Will they be accountable to you? – In other words, when they promise to sell your home for the price you mutually agree upon, do they offer you a guarantee-in writing-that you will get this amount of money for your home?

This article stresses the importance of correctly pricing and marketing your home, and how to select and agent that will see that it’s done right! We have many more reports with similar information that can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. Our reports are all available to you at absolutely no cost.

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The Single Most Important Factor to Consider When Selling Your Home

To understand the importance of setting the right price, you first need to understand the market place. When selling your home, your market place isn’t a specific location, instead it’s more of a worldwide economic system for exchanging goods and services. More specifically, the market place for home sales is more a figurative place than a literal place. None the less, in either case, the market place is where the law of supply and demand operates. Understanding how the law of supply and demand affects your home value in a competitive market place is key to setting the right price.

Let’s make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to the law of supply and demand.

1.When supply of a good increases but, the demand for that good stays the same, prices go down.

2.When supply of a good decreases but, the demand for that good stays the same, prices go up.

This fundamental rule of supply and demand is the foundation on which home values rest on. As simple as this principle may seem, it’s worth noting that most Realtors and likewise, most homeowners don’t have a true understanding of how it operates in their market place. As such, homeowners end up pricing their home incorrectly. Of all the things that can happen to an incorrectly priced home, the most frustrating to homeowners may be the fact the home either gets withdrawn from the market while they search for a new Realtor or, they go through an endless cycle of price reductions. It all ends up frustrating everyone involved, including the Realtor.

Pricing your home is just as much an art as it is a science. Many homeowners however, never get to see the science behind how the Realtor came up with their list price. Sadly, most homeowners don’t even know that they can request an actual copy of the written science. It’s been my experience, the Realtor knocks on the door, tells the homeowner their home is worth $XYZ.00 and the homeowner makes a valuation determination based on feelings, speculations or even worse, a complete lack of personal knowledge. It’s true, ask any Realtor you know, most people never see the numbers. They simply trust the Realtor who tells them the highest number, going on faith that the Realtor knows what they are doing because, what they said “all made sense.” I even had one homeowner tell me once that he believed the Realtor knew what he was doing because he drove a Mercedes. In the back of my head I thought to myself, if all it took to be successful as a Realtor was to go buy a Mercedes… I have been doing this wrong the whole time. My point is, a good Realtor will prove their price by showing you numbers on what your home is worth. A good Realtor will prove their case and leave no room for speculation. A good Realtor will remove the emotion and deal in the fact. A good Realtor will show you his case in black and white and leave you with your own copy of how he came to your homes value.

I said pricing your home is as much an art as it is a science so; let’s focus on the art of home pricing. Unfortunately for us, the real estate market is reactionary to changing market conditions. What I mean is, it’s not a good predictor of what may or will happen. Instead, it responds to changes and does so very slowly. For this reason, Realtors can’t ever predict a home’s value. Simply put, we don’t have a crystal ball. Our home valuations are based on completed sales and therefore, our valuations are what has happened and not what could happen.

Enter the “art” of pricing your home. I heard the cliché, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and it can’t be any truer when it comes to real estate. Your home may work very well for you, the colors on the walls may truly reflect you and your family however, when others walk in, they may find it offensive. A good Realtor will be able to find these potential pricing pitfalls and have an open, honest dialogue with you about those things that are going to drag down your price. This is where the Realtor is as much an “art” critic or… a home critic as any other. Sure, the numbers we brought you are reactionary and scientific but, our knowledge of what buyers want and are looking for in your market place is predictive and interpretative. What I am getting at is, as a Realtor, I have to focus on both the numbers and the intangible when pricing your home. The numbers will give me a reasonable expectation of what your home is likely going to sell at and the intangible will allow me to rely on my knowledge of the market to convey to you, what changes, if any should be made to raise your price higher.

As always, no one can guarantee a price prediction but, armed with reliable data and equipped with an understanding of the market place, a Realtor in the act of pricing a home should be both a scientist and an artist.

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